About the Journal

Journal Title               : Al-Hibru: Jurnal Ilmu Bahasa Arab dan Pembelajarannya

E-ISSN                         : 3032-2421

DOI Prefix                   : Prefix 10.59548 by

Editor in Chief            : Fahrurrozi.S., M,Pd

Publisher                    : Yayasan Haiah Nusratul Islam, Indonesia

                                      [AHU-0024817.AH.01.04.Tahun 2021]

Frequency                  : Twice a year (Februari and Agustus)

Citation Analysis        : Google Scholar

The focus of the Al Hibru Journal is to provide an understanding of Arabic language learning that can be developed by instructors and consultants for learning Arabic education, both teachers, lecturers, and the general public as an appropriate reference material through the publication of articles, research reports and learning reviews and books. This Al Hibru Journal has coverage on the development of Arabic language education learning that can be developed in accordance with the conditions of Arabic language education in particular and the development of Arabic language education learning that is relevant in general. It is hoped that this coverage will be able to provide new insights and appropriate developments that can be applied directly by teachers and educators.

This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles, and short communications, including:

  • Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
  • Arabic Linguistic
  • Arabic Literature
  • Arabic History
  • History of Arabic Education
  • Strategy of Arabic Teaching
  • Arabic Islamic Culture
  • Media of Arabic Teaching
  • Technology of Arabic Teaching
  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Arabic Second Language Acquisition

Our academic journal presents scholarly articles in the field of arabic language and Learning. These articles encompass various types of research outputs, such as scientific articles, original research reports, and education reviews.

The journal comprises of five distinct sections, each of which is dedicated to a specific type of article. Authors are required to submit their manuscripts in the section that aligns with the scope and nature of their work.

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