Focus and Scope

Psikotes: Jurnal Ilmu Psikologi, Komunikasi dan Kesehatan is an open access journal that specializes in publishing scientific articles in the fields of psychology, communication, and health. This journal aims to provide space and facilities for the study of psychology, communication, and health, which includes the following:

Integrated Marketing Communication, Communication Management, Political Communication, Media and Cultural Studies, Marketing & Corporate Communication, Advertising, Broadcasting, Public Relations, Communication Economics & Politics, Communication Philosophy & Ethics, Cultural Communication, Intercultural Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication, Content Analysis, Framing Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Semiotics, Narrative Studies, Journalism, Media Literacy, Development Communication, Social Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Library & Information Studies, Communication & Public Policy, Organizational Communication, Media History, Communication Technology, Communication Psychology, Environmental Communication, Health Communication, Sports Communication, Digital & Social Media Communication.

Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Relations, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuro Psychology

Medical and clinical research, public health research (health management and policy, health promotion, reproductive health, epidemiology, as well as environmental and occupational health), midwifery management research or related to preventive and promotive policies and efforts, nursing management research or related to environmental nursing with health promotion efforts.